Finances & Divorce

If you are facing family or relationship breakup it is natural to worry about the financial implications and asset division.

Achieving a fair resolution of all the financial issues surrounding divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership can be highly stressful.

You will want to resolve things effectively and affordably, but you may also be worrying about other areas.

Divorce Lawyers Manchester

You may be concerned about how to achieve the fairest division of your family assets. Or you may be worried about how to deal with any requirements for continuing support or perhaps even how you will manage to make ends meet in the future.

At Aly Hulme & Associates we appreciate the financial aspects are not always easy and we know every case is different.

Through our expertise and a wide range of highly skilled legal knowledge and resources we can ensure no issue is left unresolved. We are thorough, empathetic and determined and we are on your side. We focus on finding an efficient and cost-effective solution.

If you are worried your spouse intends to dispose of property we can help, there too with detailed consideration of claims to freeze assets or prevent their disposal.

Sometimes the issues will have an international element. You may be trying to decide the best jurisdiction to use for your divorce or be looking to enforce a foreign maintenance order or seeking relief from a financial order made abroad.

We will look at the whole picture to ensure you get the very best outcome whatever your situation.

Resolving financial disputes on divorce

Successfully resolving financial issues at challenging times like these is key to safeguarding your future, and that of your family.

Financial Remedy (previously called Ancillary relief) is the generic term for all the claims for financial and property matters including maintenance support related to divorce and dissolution. Please link to our guide on finance for more information on these areas and those arising upon separation.

We will also guide you where there are children to consider looking to ensure appropriate financial support for them whether ancillary to divorce, dissolution or otherwise. For children born outside a marriage or civil partnership different financial expertise and guidance is required. Please link to our guide on claims for financial support relating to children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

With Aly Hulme & Associates, you are in safe hands. We not only think about the immediate practicalities, but we also consider your long-term objectives. We know how important these are to you and it is central to our relationship with you.

Division of assets during relationship breakdown

At such a critical time we will be with you every step of the way advising you on your options and helping you decide your future.

Family breakup can also have a devastating effect on business interests, family businesses and trusts. It is an inherent part of the Aly Hulme & Associates offering to review all the legal issues in every relevant area to ensure the best outcome for you including:

  • Company/commercial/business interests.
  • Share options and long-term reward schemes.
  • Employment issues.
  • Wills (pending divorce settlement and on conclusion).
  • Inherited and pre-acquired assets.
  • Trusts.
  • Tax planning.
  • Aly Hulme & Associates has particular and extensive experience in dealing with the intricacies of relationship breakdown within farming families.

    We appreciate the subtly different challenges in preserving farming land and will always seek creative solutions to ensure your farming business can continue to operate viably after financial settlement.

    Pensions expertise in relationship breakdown

    Following divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, dealing with your pension assets can be complicated and must be considered in any financial settlement. They are often one of the most valuable assets and it’s important you deal with them properly.

    The rules can change depending on the scheme you have in place and you may need additional support or actuarial advice. We can give you expert financial advice on:

  • Where best to invest a pension credit.
  • Which pension is best shared?
  • Pension valuations.
  • Which arrangement will provide equality of income in retirement?
  • We are always here to answer any concerns you have. We will be honest about where you stand, answer your questions and talk you through the process.

    Why Choose Aly & Hulme Associates?

    Modern life is hectic. We know you’re busy. we know your hours are often awkward and we know you have enough on your plate. That’s why our founding principle is to help you deal with your legal needs quickly, efficiently and effectively.

    We specialise in dispute resolution and whilst both partners have appeared in Court on thousands of occasions we will strive hard to avoid litigation wherever possible to provide you with a robust and cost-effective service.

  • We are approachable, professional and commercially minded.
  • We cover the South East and North West and will meet you at your convenience.
  • We have policies and procedures to ensure your matter is always taken care of.
  • We will always put your needs first and do our utmost to protect and further your best interests.
  • We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and fully insured for your protection.
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