About our Firm

We know you are busy, we know your hours are often awkward and we know you deal with many people and many different matters and getting problems dealt with quickly and effectively is important. We specialize in dispute resolution and whilst both partners have appeared in Court on thousands of occasions we will strive hard to avoid litigation wherever possible to provide you with a robust and cost effective service.

We are approachable, professional and commercially minded. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and fully insured for your protection. We have policies and procedures to ensure your matter is always taken care of. We will always put your needs first and do our utmost to protect and further your best interests. We cover the South East and North West and will meet you at your convenience.

Our Principles

- Our principles works best in favor of our clients.

Protecting people

We care about our clients. Protecting their rights is our major concern.


Insight, experience, compassion

We have experienced team with great insight that intents to solve your complication.


Frank advice

Providing a fearless atmosphere helps us gain confidence. Frank and best advice makes our clients comfortable with us.

Our Practice areas

How can we help?

When relationships break down it’s never easy. These can be quite complicated times, especially when children are involved. Feelings can easily run high and no one can agree on the right action to take. A trained professional can help you move towards the right decision my making you see things more clearly. During these hard times most issues need to be handled extremely delicately. At Aly & Hulme Associates we have dedicated family law solicitors who specialise in family law, and will give you advice and guide you towards the best resolution for everyone.
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We have worked for single owner businesses, partnerships, SME’s, national businesses, all the major banks, and in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. We have a huge amount of experience dealing with commercial matters. We do not shy away from the fact that litigation is our metier nor that the partners have spent thousands of days arguing matters in court personally. Though robust, we will do our utmost to avoid litigation where necessary to find the commercially viable and pragmatic solution to your problem.
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Our team of GMC lawyers and MPTS lawyers are dedicated and experienced in providing legal advice to doctors throughout the UK. We take pride in our excellent track record of securing the best possible outcome for doctors. We understand the impact any investigation questioning your fitness to practise can have on you. That is why we will work tirelessly to ensure you can continue to practise medicine during an ongoing investigation by getting the right results when defending doctors facing a hearing before the Interim Orders Tribunals (IOT). often left people thinking about their problems in new ways.
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Your home is likely to be your most substantial and important asset. We do not undertake conveyancing or financing but when problems regarding your home do arise and your rights are jeopardised we will give you every protection that we can offer. We have dealt with thousands of cases relating to property and rights over property and we can give you the advice you need whether. It might be that it is your own home or a property that is leased or indeed a property in which you hold an interest.
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Everyone has the right to manage their own money and affairs. Our ability to do so may decrease as we grow older. Whether this is caused by illness, disability, or an accident, there are a number of practical steps you can take to prepare for this. We can also help with submitting a deed of variation which changes a Will after death to let the beneficiaries alter the distribution of an estate.
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We have been a specialist in employment law for 14 years. One of our partners Sheila Aly trained with one of the leading chambers in the UK for Employment Law, Littleton Chambers, and has since worked as both a self-employed barrister in chambers and as an in house barrister. We have represented numerous satisfied employers and employees. We assist our clients from the outset of the Tribunals process, or even prior to it if appropriate. With our expertise in workplace mediation, we have often been called on to assist prior to a Tribunals process arising. We are also accredited mediation trainers and have trained hundreds of professionals all over the world in mediation, as well as conducting seminars within organisations about various aspects of employment law.
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We understand the effects even a minor personal injury can cause, such as lost income and considerable expense, not to mention the disruption to your day to day tasks that you would normally take for granted. Our team of personal injury experts specialize not only in recovering compensation, but also in getting rehabilitation and related support, on a No Win No Fee basis. From our offices in Manchester and London, Aly & Hulme Associates have been helping people across the UK. All claims which we pursue for personal injury compensation are on a No Win No Fee basis so there is no risk that you will end up out of pocket. Our expert personal injury lawyers can help you claim compensation arising from all types of accidents and occupational diseases, no matter how big or small.
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